A brazilian fashion fitness clothing brand for people who are bold and determined. An avant garde brand focused into inspire the one who wants to achieve your best version. Labellamafia is more than a brand its a movement, a nation.

A mix of streetwear and sport style, Labellamafia brings the highest concept in fashion fitness. Including the athleisure movement, it is a versatile brand that can be weared in your everyday life and special ocasions.

Labellamafia will differentiate you in the market. Bringing exclusivity and unity in its products and promotes feeling of participation in a movement increasingly stronger worldwide.

A genuine brazilian brand with 100% local production – Brazil is reference in fitness and textile industry – with more than 40 countries covering global presence.

Present in different continents, Labellamafia has official stores that provides the better experience to their customers and consumers.


Your products line have the capacity to dress their consumers in daily, from beachwear to casual. Streetwear, fitness, acessories and underwear, Labellamafia is prepared to all opportunities that may appear.


Labellamafia is a young brand that is totally allied to it’s own DNA and soul. That gives a visible consistency between the speech and practice. In
addition, they are always connected to what is the best on the market and the new technology available. We
believe that their huge success is due to the combination of these factors. Furthermore, we can see that exists a great interaction
between the team, that reflects
directly on a kind and respectful way
they treat their suppliers. We feel like we are par t of the team!

Labellamafia provides to its business a high return level, making a profitable work with its partners. With frequent launchments, you will always have fresh collections with the best conditions. Promote Labellamafia in your business using the best services 100% provided by us.